Hello, we are Mercy and Pasquale; The PeaceMakers. We are a Transcendental Theater formed in Chiapas, Mexico wishing to build their homestead here in Toronto, Canada. At this moment we are sharing our special blend of serendipitous theater, workshops, and performance at venues all around the City. After 5 years of performing around Mexico; we completed a six month theater festival on behalf of the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City. Currently we are networking with artists, educators, business owners, and like minded persons for the benefit of the greater Toronto community. Our hope is to have a space where we can create, teach classes, and facilitate healing. Mercy will teach her workshop ‘Colores de la Tierra’, an educational program with more than ten years of experience. The workshop shows you how to make natural dyes out of plants/soils and kitchen seasonings. The workshop ‘Paper Garden’ also includes a paper making process derived entirely from recyclable materials. Mercy, in addition to painting, photography, poetry, and theater has a wealth of gardening experience, and a growing knowledge of medicinal plants. A community gardening initiative will be put into place. Pasquale is developing a variety show drawing from his experiences as a theater artist, musician, clown, and caretaker. The show will be filmed around Toronto, and will showcase the stories and perspectives of exceptional individuals. We will put art in its proper context; a healing modality for humankind.





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